How to write a good B2B pricing page

Pricing pages are often one of the most neglected pages.

It’s vital to leave a good impression in such an important part of the buyer’s journey.

Here’s how you can improve it.

Summarize the key benefits & outcomes

A considerable amount of users go straight to the pricing page right after entering the homepage. They don’t even read about what you can offer.

Meaning they see the price - without knowing the value.

So summarize 3-6 core benefits & outcomes before presenting the pricing table. Make it short and sweet.

From Synthesis School

“Shrink” the price

This is especially true in B2B. Your buyers want a return on investment.

So place testimonials in your pricing page that describe how your current customers benefited from it. "Sales are up 64%...", "We save 6 hours per rep...", "It's like having a full-time employee..."

Explain your pricing table items

Don’t assume that people paid attention to the features you offer.

Ensure people can get additional info on each table row and help them imagine using the feature and getting value out of it.

From BlackMagic. When you hover on a feature, they show a GIF of the feature being used.

Different tiers in a palpable way

The more pricing tiers you have, the more friction you’ll create for your buyer.

They’ll have to think more about what separates each of the tiers.

Explain who that tier is for and the main use case for it with a simple description, not bullet points.

More: you can place a “Learn More” link under each tier, so users can explore further.

From Crunchbase

h/t Josh Garofalo

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